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ARISTO FOILS MFG. COMPANY is one of India’s leading manufacturers of heavy duty Aluminium Electrolytic Motor Start Capacitors, offering a wide range of technologies and styles from production facilities in INDIA.

The ISO 9001 approved ARISTO production plant at Pune- India, has been successfully manufacturing Aluminium Electrolytic Motor Start Capacitors for the most demanding applications since 1980.

ARISTO prides itself on its ability to provide a flexible design service for unique Customer requirements. The Company has a history of working alongside design teams, providing the exact solution to a particular problem, and unrivalled support in the subsequent application. ARISTO recognizes that its success depends on the future of its Customers and sees itself not only as a Supplier of technologically superior products but as a PARTNER, mutually striving with our customers for competitive advantage.

A range of aluminium Electrolytic Motor Start Capacitors specifically designs for a.c. operation, which help to start the motor by providing a leading current to the auxiliary winding. The capacitor is not permanently connected to the winding of the motor and is switched off after starting, usually automatically.

The control offered by the use of information systems over the manufacturing process is only a part of the QUALITY SYSTEM that pervades at every level. Quality is the responsibility of every member of our team with emphasis placed on “right first time” and “continuous improvement”. Quality is the link that bonds us to our Customers. We are committed to not only satisfy customers current needs, but to improve and develop products in anticipation of their future requirements.

Capacitors are designed to withstand a 2000 Volts RMS 50- cycle voltage applied for 5 seconds between terminals and case without breakdown or flashover. A special design is made by putting additional PP can to assure more safety only for the capacitors made for M/S. EMERSON CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES (INDIA) PVT LTD

Manufacturing competitively priced products of the highest quality is the corner stone of our success.